Constitution and Rules

  1. NAME OF THE SOCIETY: The name of the society shall be “The Smycms”

  2. OBJECT: The object of the society is to encourage people to come together for the purpose of promoting and paticipating in the performance of musicals, plays.

  3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open to anyone who has attained the age of 16 years.

  4. SUBSCRIPTION:  The annual subscription of the society will be decided at each A.G.M. and shall be payable by the end of November 2011.

  5. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The A.G.M of the society will be held in May each year unless otherwise notified.

  6. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING: An S.G.M. of the society may be called at any time by the Committee who shall be bound also to call such a meeting upon the written request of not less than 10 per cent of paid up members.

  7. MANAGEMENT: ” The business and affairs of the society shall be under the management of a Committee consisting of a Chairman and four members elected at an Annual General Meeting by the members present. The Chairman and members of the Committe shall serve for a period of three years and, in the event of serving for the appropriate term, they shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall meet as and when necessary and four members shall constitute a quorum. In addition to the Chairman and members of the Committee there shall be the position of Honorary President. The position of Honorary President shall be a non-elected position and within the gift of the company. The position of Honorary President shall be non-executive. The Honorary President nay attend meetings of the Committee by invitation of the Committee.” 

  8. FINANCIAL YEAR END: The financial year will end on the 30th April in each year. Correct accounts and books shall be kept showing the financial affairs of the society and shall be audited annually. Such accounts shall be presented by the Secretary/Treasurer at the A.G.M.

  9. SELECTION OF CAST: The selection of the cast for any production shall be the responsibility of the Director, Musical Director and Choreographer plus two persons elected by the C0mmittee. Candidates for a place in the cast may not sit on the casting committee.

  10. EXPULSION OF MEMBERS: The Committee may, by unanimous vote expel from the membership of the society any member whose conduct they consider likely to endanger the welfare of the society, whether such conduct consisted of negligence or active misconduct.

  11. PRODUCTION: The Management Committee shall decide which production shall be performed.

  12. DISSOLUTION OF THE SOCIETY: The society may only be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of not less than two thirds of company members present, and eligible to vote at an S.G.M. called for the purpose of considering such a dissolution. Any balance of cash remaining in hand after realisation of assets and payment of debts shall be dealt with in any manner the meeting decides.

  13. SOCIAL COMMITTEE ACCOUNTS: The Social Committee shall be responsible for preparing and distributing a balance sheet at the A.G.M..

  14. NOTICE OF MEETINGS AND ALTERATIONS OF RULES: None of the aforementioned rules shall be revoked or altered except by a majority of two thirds of the members present at an A.G.M. or at an S.G.M. convened for the purpose. Proposed ammendments will be submitted not less than 14 days before such a meeting to the Management Committee. An A.G.M or an S.G.M shall be intimated at least 14 days before the date of such a meeting.     


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