It’s 1967 and we are in the mythical village of Brigadoon, a musical by Lerner and Loewe, that tells the story of two New Yorkers, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas who get lost on a vacation in the Scottish Highlands, they stumble into Brigadoon,  a village that appears for a single day once every hundred years. They are soon charmed by romantic liaisons: Tommy, who is engaged back in New York, falls terribly in love with headstrong Fiona, while Jeff enjoys a harmless flirtation with Meg Brockie. It is only when Harry Beaton, the rejected suitor of Fiona’s sister, Jean, tries to leave Brigadoon that the two men realize the complicated truth: at the end of the day, this town will disappear into the mist for the next hundred years –- and if anyone succeeds in leaving Brigadoon, the town and the people in it will be lost, forever.  It was first produced in  1947 and includes some classic songs including Almost Like Being In Love, Heather On The Hill  and who could forget I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean.

A few scenes from our Production. Photos courtesy of M.Mills.

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