42nd Street

42nd Street Flyer

42nd Street Flyer

The 2007 production of 42nd Street was another blockbuster like last years Guys and Dolls, full of classic songs like, ” We’re in the Money, Young and Healthy, Shuffle off to Buffalo, Dames and Lullaby of Broadway.”. The show is also brimming with Tap dance numbers, so no excuse for any company member to  protest that they have two left feet. With music by Harry Warren and Lyrics by Al Dubin and Johnny Mercer, 42nd Street is based on the novel “Forty-Second Street” by Bradford Ropes.



Set in 1933 New York, 42nd Street tells the story of a new Broadway show “Pretty Lady” that is being directed by Julian Marsh. We follow the cast through rehearsals for the new show and one dancer in particular, Peggy Sawyer, who arrives fresh faced from Allentown ,Pennsylvania. Just happy to get a job in the chorus she ends up being asked to takeover the lead after Dorothy Brock breaks her leg after an unfortunate accident involving Peggy who was promptly fired from the show.With the shows success hanging in the balance Peggy saves the day by agreeing to learn the lead role in two days, as Julian Marsh tells her before the show opens, “You’re going out there as a kid, but you’ve got to come back a star”.


 “SHOWS SMALL HITCHES FAIL TO SPOIL THE FUN”  42nd STREET, Church Hill Theatre, ***, Thom Dibdin, Edinburgh Evening News Wednesday May 16th 2007.

” This is a company which knows how to string a big chorus out across the stage and get them all tapping in unison. The whole company also succeed in creating individual characters who they carry on to the rest of the show, foremost among these is Debbie Spurgeon as Dance Mistress, Andy Lee, she has the moves, the movement and the presence to lift any show. and with the likes of Peter Tomassi in excellent singing and dancing form as lead tenor Billy Lawler, Dorothy Johnstone perfectly cast the leading lady Dorothy Brock and Alistair Thomas as director Julian Marsh, this is a production that rises easily above any minor hitches.


Artistic Director – Laura Jordan Reed, Musical Director – Alison Rushworth, Choreographer – Janice Bruce.


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