Where’s Charley

Our 1968 Production of Where’s Charley again staged  in the church hall of St. Michaels Church on Slateford Road, it tells the story of two students at Oxford University in 1892. Charley and Jack who are all set for a date with young and attractive Kitty and Amy. Unfortunately, Charley’s aunt Lucia, who is needed as a chaperone,( how times have changed ) fails to arrive. In desperation, Charley disguises himself as his aunt so the young ladies can still visit. Trouble ensues when Amy’s stuffy uncle, Mr. Spettigue, falls for Charley,  dressed up as his aunt. Meanwhile, the real aunt Lucia has arrived. Yes you’ve guessed it trouble with a capital T.  Eventually, the truth is revealed. Jack & Kitty become engaged, as do Charley and Amy. Jack’s father Sir Francis and the real Aunt Lucia have rekindled an old love, while Mr. Spettigue is left alone.

Where’s Charley was first produced in 1948 with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, and book by George Abbott. Some of the songs include, Lovelier Than Ever, Better Get Out Of Here, Make A Miracle and Once In Love With Amy.

Some scenes from our Production. Photos courtesy of M. Mills

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