A Night At The Musicals

The Opening Set for Red, Hot and Cole 2008.

The Smycms will be performing a concert, ” A Night At The Musicals “, at James Gillespie’s High School, 57 Lauderdale Street, Edinburgh, EH9 1DD on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June 2011. It will feature many of the songs from musicals that Smycms have staged over the years and will be performed by many of the original singers (hopefully) . We’d love to see you there supporting us at our concert, as primarily it is a much needed fund raiser but also, just as important, it will be a chance for Smycms to celebrate over 45 years of entertaining Edinburgh theatre goers.

If you are an ex-Smycm who would like to be a part of this exciting event, either singing or helping front of house please send your details to smycms@gmail.com or even if you just want to buy a ticket, we’d still love to have your company.

Rehearsals are due to start on Tuesday 12th April under the watchful eye (or should that be ear?) of our wonderful Musical Director Alison Rushworth. There will be plenty of things for folk to do from solos, duets to full chorus numbers. We look forward in anticipation.


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