Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Seven Brides For Seven BrothersThe Smycms have chosen for their next production in April 2012 the popular musical “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”. Originally produced as an MGM Musical in 1954 for the big screen, it has since been adapted for the theatre several times until finally in 2007 it was revived again under the direction of Scott Schwartz. This is the version that Smycms will be staging.

The stage version differs from the film, most notably, in the barn raising scene which has been rewritten as a Town social where the six brothers first meet their prospective brides but unfortunately the  girls suitors don’t take kindly to the brothers intrusion and this sets the scene for the Challenge Dance with  high energy and fast paced choreography it is one of the highlights of the show. Choreographed in the 1954 film by Michael Kidd it is now one of the most iconic dance clips   that is frequently shown in compilation programs covering the very best of Hollywood Musicals. The original score by Johnny Mercer and Gene De Paul, including Bless Yore Beautiful Hide, Sobbin’ Woman, Lonesome Polecat and Spring Spring Spring,   has been added to  with several new songs by Al Kashan and Joel Hirschhorn. To read more about the story and hear some of the songs click the link below.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 


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