The Smycms, what next?

Sitting Bull offers Wild Bill Hickock heap big wampum for his snazzy jacket.

We are looking for your views as to what The Smycms should do next, please vote below as to what you see as the future for the company. It would seem too late to put on a Show in April 2012, maybe a concert might be a better idea using the show week in April 2012, but again time is tight, though i’m sure it could be achieved. Bearing in mind it will be our 50th Anniversary in 2013, it has been suggested we organise a Reunion party and sell tickets to as many Smycms as possible. This would raise awareness and also raise funds.

Another option would be to take a break for a year or two and regroup, the current Committee consists of Chairman Paul Findlay with Paul Whyte and Tony McDonald willing helpers, but there is too much for three people to cover, so maybe we need to either attract new committee members or change the make up of the current Committee.

Finally we do nothing and the company folds and we leave with our memories of the good times and all the fun we had over the last 49 years, not forgetting we staged some cracking shows. So there we have it, let’s have your thoughts and we’ll see what happens.


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