The Smycms, Fifty Years.

Principal Smycms 91-92

Well!, Who would have thought The Smycms will soon be celebrating Fifty years of Musical Theatre, from humble beginnings in 1963 with Swingalong performed on a makeshift stage in the church hall of St Michael’s Church, Slateford Road, Edinburgh to the more grander surroundings of Morningside, Edinburgh and the Church Hill Theatre.

Sadly The Smycms have been unable to stage any productions since 2010 when we staged the critically acclaimed Bugsy Malone. Our attempts to stage firstly Eurobeat and then Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, 2 marvellous shows, one a modern take on the Eurovision Song Contest and the other a Hollywood Blockbuster floundered, for some reason neither set the woods on fire amongst the Edinburgh Am- Dram crowd, ah well as some one once said “there’s nane as queer as fowk”.

So what’s next I hear you all clamour (well one or two of you any way, I hope), we hope to hold a reunion event in Edinburgh sometime in July/ August 2013 and to this end would like to take this opportunity of asking if any ex- members would be interested in helping to organise said reunion. Please E-Mail your interest to Tony at .

As we would like as many ex-members to attend we have today published a list of on stage appearances of past members, the list covers the years 1989 to 2010 and can be found under the heading ‘Productions’. If you are on this list please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

We are currently working on compiling the names for the earlier period of 1963 to 1987.

2 Responses to “The Smycms, Fifty Years.”
  1. Judith McLean says:

    I would be interested in attending the reunion. Please email me details. Unfortunately not able to help with organising as just had a baby. Hope you manage to get lots of interest and helpers


  2. Alistair Thomas says:

    Blimey, scary photo 101. Anything Goes 1992. Good memories.


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