Alan Cochrane 19/03/1931 – 07/10/2012

There's Alan dancing at the back, in the middle.

I was much saddened to hear of the passing of Alan Cochrane, a larger than life character much loved by all who knew him. He was an award winning scots playwright, some of his plays include The Deils awa, The Campbells are comin’ and Ne’er the Twain which was recently performed by Edinburgh Peoples Theatre as the opener to their 2012 Edinburgh Fringe season.

NE'ER THE TWAIN By Alan Cochrane

I first met Alan when he was persuaded to appear in The Smycms production of My Fair Lady in 2004, although he was just in the chorus and had been given a small part to play, with a few lines as a foreign dignatory, he never missed an opportunity to improve things with a little direction, on this occasion it was directed at Alan Gillespie, playing the part of Pickering, after the scene Alan was heard to mutter, “Alan’s just given me notes!!”

Alan was very knowledgeable on many aspects of Theatre, with many a tale to tell he was quite a witty raconteur. Sadly he suffered from ill health for the last few years of his life but always seemed to cock a snoot at his situation.

Alan Cochrane 19/03/1931 to 07/10/2012. R.I.P


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