I had the good fortune to be down in Musselburgh at the Brunton Theatre  on Friday night past to catch the Musselburgh Amateur Musical Associations 2013 Production of Annie, the tale of a young girl, left in an orphanage as a baby, trying to find her parents. Annie was superbly played by Grace Peacock. She delivered an assured performance and never once did she let the adult actors upstage her, well done indeed.

As for the adults, they didn’t let Annie down either, making sure they provided just the right level of character acting to complement the young Annie as not to swamp her. Special mention goes to Kerry-Anne Dougan, she  played the part of  Miss Hannigan, who runs the New York Municipal orphanage with a rod of iron in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other. It is often difficult to play a character that is always one over the eight as they say, but Kerry-Anne nailed it as she was always on the right side of tipsy, you could see that she had put a lot of thought into how she she would play the character, congratulations.

But for me what was most refreshing about the show and MAMA was of course the kids who played the orphans, what a talented bunch. It is always good to see young talent given the chance to shine amongst the older members of the company, and if they continue to shine then the future of MAMA looks to be in safe hands for the long term.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, that made you happy and sad, and filled you with laughter and tears, and you know what, ” The sun’ll come out tomorrow “.

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