New show, GOLDRUSH.

Have received a message from our ex-M.D. Jerry Gregson looking for people to join a new Musical to be staged in September 2015, called Goldrush.

” As a retired SMYCMS M.D. I have once again come out of retirement to M.D. a new show entitled Goldrush. (No, I didn’t write this one.) This is set to take the stage in September this year and we are currently recruiting a cast. So it isn’t being done by an existing local company. The show is a comedy, set in Scotland, with elements (says the author) of Celtic cross-over (think Ceilidh musicians as well as a more normal band).

There are already some good people on board, but we need more, both principals and chorus. This is not a lot of notice but there is to be a launch party on 14th April (drinks, eats, chat, luvvies, etc). Even after that date, people will be welcome to join in.
If any former SMYCMS might be interested, contact me for more details. Can the webmeister of this site (Tony?) please forward this to anyone that you have addresses for?
Thanks, Jerry “
If you want to be involved, and who wouldn’t as it sounds like good fun,certainly makes a change from that other Scottish musical, Brigadoon, then contact Jerry direct. See Smycms Facebook page for contact details.



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