Smycms: Early Years

I received an interesting e-mail recently from Marje Mills ( or Milly as she was known in the Smycms)  a former member of Smycms who had stumbled on our website by chance. She was completely surprised at finding our website as, and I quote, ” I still find it amazing that The Smycms lasted for so long“, I think a lot of people who were in the company were of the same opinion, but due to Betty Fyfes commitment and hard work and her passion for musical theatre she proved us all wrong.

Marje goes on to say,

“I was a member of the Smycms from the start and I have some pictures from the early productions which were Salad Days, Where’s Charley, Brigadoon and White Horse Inn. I also have some photos from us in our Scottish Country Dancing outfits (see below) before the start. I remember that Mrs Fyfe set up a couple of concerts of dancing and Scottish songs to older people. I think one was in the primary school on Hutchison Crossway. I left the group when I went off to University and I now live in Newcastle. I remember Colin McDonald well and could probably help you put names to some other people, although I’m not in touch with anyone any more. I sometimes go up to the Edinburgh Festival and remember being really surprised and pleased to see The Smycms had a show on at the Churchill Theatre which was something Mrs Fyfe always believed in. In the photograph Where’s Charley 010, back row, far left, is the Rev. Watt, he was very supportive of us all.  The colour photo is me with Derek Wilson and was given to me as a memento of my last appearance in 1969 as I went away to Uni. On the back it says To Marjorie With Best Wishes E. Fyfe. Nice gift as it was the first colour photo I ever had”.

It was really great to hear from someone from the early years and to hear her memories of the Smycms Thank you Marje for supplying those wonderful photo memories.

She also supplied the following names, or what she remembers, during her time in the Smycms,

Marje Mills ( me known as Milly to some)

Jeanette Fyfe

Margaret Mckie

Derek Wilson ( he is married to Margaret Mckie)

Gordon McIntosh

Ronnie Martin

Colin McDonald

John Hunter (Colin’s brother-in-law)

Alistair Webster

Cathleen Webster ( Alistair’s Sister)

Diane Paton

Neil Paton ( Diane’s brother)

Philippe Bossiere

Mr Cook ( Jimmy?) His wife Jean Cook made costumes and helped dress us and do makeup.

Eileen Mckie ( Margaret’s sister)




If you know anyone here or recognise anybody in the photographs or indeed recognise yourself here or in any of the photographs,  please let me know and we can put names to the faces and also list you in our list of onstage appearances 1963- 1988. Please Contact Tony McDonald at .

Marje Mills with Derek Wilson

Early 001

Early 002

Early 004



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