Smycms are go!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Meet and Greet night that got our new season under way, it promises much under the direction of Ian Hunter who has many ideas for ensuring this will be one of the best musicals The Smycms have ever staged, ably assisted by Edinburgh’s answer to Hinge and Bracket,  our well oiled duo of  the lovely Alison Rushworth, Musical Director and her talented accompanist Mr Paul Millest, a legend in his own lunchtime. When i say well oiled, I mean slick like a purring Ferrari, and not, they over indulge in cheap vino (i’m not so sure about Paul tho’). We have this season secured the services of Gemma Lockhart as our Choregrapher, and is really excited about being given the chance to choreograph such a fabulous musical especially noted for its dancing. She probably won’t be so excited when she finds Tony  in the back row. 

It is always good when you attract new members, and it was pleasing to have a good few talented new members along on Monday night, unfortunately we are still on the look-out for more members especially men, Seven Brides for Three Brothers doesn’t quite work unless you are a Polygamist. So if you are still in two minds whether to do the show there is still time to join and be a part of this exciting adventure, because without your help it won’t be a case of Smycms are go but more a case of Smycms are gone!.


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