Ring out the old, Ring in the new.

Happy New Year to all our viewers

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas, it’s amazing how chocolate and wine seem to go so well together, and soon we will be raising a glass to a new year and reflecting on the old one past. The Smycms have had a difficult time of late, after the success of Bugsy in 2010, we looked forward to more success with our 2011 show, the dynamic Eurobeat, but sadly through lack of support we were forced to cancel and for the first time in over 48 years The Smycms did not stage a production. We have since tried to arrange a concert, firstly to raise awareness of The Smycms and secondly to raise funds for future productions, but alas this also proved to be  a bridge too far and again through lack of support managed only a handful of rehearsals before it was postponed.

We are now almost at the end of 2011 and our Production of  Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, due to be staged in 2012, hangs in the balance, our next rehearsal is due on  Monday 9th January at 7:30 with the cast auditions a week later (date to be confirmed) providing we have enough members to continue rehearsals, if not then sadly it will be the end of the line for The Smycms. So spare a thought for The Smycms as we head into 2012 and hopefully we’ll be raising our glasses in anticipation of another great production, and not to the demise of another Am-Dram company. We wish you all the best for 2012 and have a Happy New Year.


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