Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Wots gone wrong with The Smycms. For Gawds sake get me to the bar.

If you don’t know the show then here is a brief, and i do mean g-string rather than y-front, synopsis of the story.

Adam Pontipee lives with his six brothers, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank and Gideon. but soon realises that he can’t cope and needs a woman’s touch, i.e. cooking, cleaning etc for his six brothers. So he sets off for the local town to get himself a wife, if only it were that easy, but this is hollywood and lo and behold after a few hours he finds and marries Millie, soon he has whisked her back to his farm where she soon finds out farm life is not a barrel of roses, especially with seven men to feed and clean for. Millie being the woman she is, come to think it that’s most woman, toughs it out and sets about teaching the men all manner of things, like courtin’ and dancin’. Fine attributes for working on a farm, well maybe not but it did give them the notion of getting themselves a woman and encouraged by Adam and his tale of the Rape of the Sabine woman, they promptly headed off to town and kidnapped a girl each, a bit like grab a gran at the local singles night disco but without the chat up lines.  The townspeople give chase but the road is blocked by a large snowfall and prevents them from following and effectively deprives the kidnapped girls with any escape route.  By the time spring arrives they are all in love and live happy ever after.

Full of great songs and fantastic choreography it’s a marvelous show and we do so hope you will want to come along and see it


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